We set out to create a modern real estate firm, combining tried and true sales approaches with permeating marketing ideas from outside the industry.


Behind the logo:  From concept to finished product

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Based on the mythical "mallorn" tree from the famed Lord of the Rings series (yes, we are nerds), the logo is our interpretation of what this tree looks like.  With leaves which are green above and silver underneath, they turn a clear gold in autumn, failing to fall from the branches throughout the winter, until spring. 

  Drawing parallel's with the importance of a home purchase or sale, the tree has exposed roots detailing it's growth mechanism, trunk for structural support and golden leaves symbolizing the single biggest investment most people make in their lives:  their home.



Mark Bisaccio

Principal Broker / Owner


Joey Jenkins

Co-Owner / Director of Marketing

Mark went to Carroll College, where he double majored in Communications and Public Relations with an emphasis in Business.  While in college, he interned at a local real estate company, where he first learned the basics of real estate marketing.  Though he started to gain his technical knowledge in real estate at that time, he was involved in the industry from a young age.  His father, an attorney who frequently invested in real estate, bought, remodeled and sold various homes and apartment buildings. Before he became licensed, Mark would purchase and remodel his first home to sell for a profit, and the rest is history.

Nothing frustrates Joey more than wasted human potential. Joey is a coach, consultant and speaker who passionately challenges his clients and audiences to raise their standards, be intentional, and give back to society in impactful ways. In 2013 he started Intentional 360; a coaching and consulting company that helps individuals and organizations be intentional about their vision, strategies and actions to achieve peak performance.  He serves on the board of three nonprofit organizations focused on empowering youth both locally and globally. He married his longtime best friend, Stephanie, in 2009. They live in Beaverton, Oregon with their three children, Lucy, Joshua and Andrew.