Exiting Your Comfort Zone

For years I've wanted to start my own real estate firm, and for years, I've pushed off doing it for a number of reasons.  I knew it would be hard.  I knew it would be a process.  And I was always afraid of adding more stress to my life.  It took me realizing that the stress exists regardless to finally push me over the edge, and out of my comfort zone.

I've always had ideas on what I wanted to do to change the way real estate is marketed and sold (at least in the Portland Metro area), and that besides for the concept of searching for homes via the internet, the industry has basically remained unchanged for 20 plus years.  While most other businesses and industries evolve, I haven't personally felt the same of the real estate industry.

In general, I find real estate business practices archaic, and to change this, I knew I needed a partner I could trust, as well as a lot of help from marketing and business professionals who come from outside of the real estate industry.  After all, if I truly want to shake up the industry in a positive way, I need to surround myself with thinkers who are not bound by conventional real estate marketing norms.

As we continue to build this team, it is our goal that the work will speak for itself.  That we won't need to tell you what we are doing differently, but that you will be able to experience and acknowledge that for yourselves. 

Obviously, we have more to say and in time this blog will be our way of beginning to get our message out.  But for the time being, I will leave this short and sweet, and save the really good stuff for blogs to come!  To all who have supported us in this process, thank you.  We look forward to serving your real estate needs with a renewed sense of pride and a better, more refined message.


Mark Bisaccio, Principal Broker / Owner